Drunk Millionaire

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Making crypto more fun and safe


Locked Liquidity

There is a 3% liquidity tax on every TX.
Liquidity is locked for a month on DXsale (See links on the bottem)
When everything goes as planned we will extend the lock time.

Verified Contract

The contract is verified so everyone can see how the contract works and that there are no weird codes👍
No copied contract!
Developed by the dev's.

🔥Auto Burn!🔥

The developers were drunk AF when they developed Drunk Millionaire. This has caused crazy tokenomics. With a burn of 15% on every transaction🔥
This has caused crazy tokenomics. With a burn of 15% on every transaction🔥🔥🔥


Every TX has a 3% marketing tax to push this coin out of the galaxy🚀 We also have a marketing wallet with 5% of the supply. The community is asked for appoval before use. For use, We will ask the community for approval.

Total Supply



Token type




Why Drunk millionaire?

Why Drunk Millionaire?

This coin has a huge auto burn on every transaction!
This will reduce the total supply extremely fast🔥🔥🔥

We are sick and tired of all those scams out there and want people to invest in a safe project.
And the most important thing is that everyone has fun!

The project making crypto more fun and safe!
Creating tools for both developers and investors.

Drunk Millionaire has two sides:
The $DM Token side, that’s the fun side with a chat where you can play games, tell jokes,
make fun of scammers and say whatever you want. As long as you respect the rules.

The DM Tools side. This will be the dashboard.
The serious side with several tools to help investors estimate the risk of a project,
to give developers a chance to be more transparent and to make the cryptospace safer for both sides.

All tools will help Drunk Millionaire.
They will buy or burn $DM and will be connected to the Drunk Millionaire token.


roadmap will be expanded and changed over time.

Q1 2021

Done 100%

Q2 2021

Progress 29%

Q3 2021

Progress 0%



Lead Dev.
Doesn’t drink much. Just A LOT! Has two middlefingers on each hand. Hyperfocussed as fuck. Coder, tech support, Mark-eting, treasurer and a bunch of other skills.


Lead Drunk.
Drinks like he breathes. Has a hat to hold his drink. His favorite finger is the middle. Good with words, tech support support, coding, can make stuff out of other stuff.