$DMNFT Rarity checker!

There are multiple way’s of checking the $DMNFT rarity.
Soooo.. Wanna find out how rare your NFT is?😏

1. The NFT’s have several rarities;

  • – Regular (1499x)
  • – Semi-Rare (500x)
  • – Rare (100x)
  • – Ultra Rare (1x)

Now, how do you know which rarity your NFT is..
The simplest way is to look at the hair. Every tier has it’s own hair

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Drunk Millionaire NFT



Drunk Millionaire NFT example


As you can see, every rarity has specific features.
The hair style of the Regulars are flat with different colors.
The hair of the Semi Rare is 3D-ish.
And the hair of the Rare is original with different colors.


Same goes for the outfits.
The blazers of the Regulars are a flat color.
The blazers of the Semi Rare all have a gradient.
The blazers of the Rare have really trippy stuff.


The shirts of the Regulars all have a flat color.
The shirts of the Semi Rare have a gradient.
The shirts of the Rare have.. well.. Nipples, trippy shit and a Dutch flag gradient.


There is a chance the regulars have laser eyes. These are more rare.
Same goes for the laserbeams in the Semi Rare and the weird laser eyes in the Rare ones.

Every tier has its own stuff. The higher the teir, the weirder and more colorful it gets.

And there may be some strange things aswell. Like stoned eyes, crappy teeth, a sigar, snot..