How to mint on the contract itself?

There are multiple ways of minting the $DMNFT’s.
Through the Dapp, but also directly through the contract itself.

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Minting directly from the contract Step By Step:
  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and click on Connect to Web3 (connect your wallet) Make sure it’s connected (Green dot)
  3. Go to point 2 on the contract (2. mint)
  4. in mint:
    Put in the amount you need to pay (1 NFT = 0,21 BNB. So if you want to buy 2 it’s 0.42 BNB) Do not lower the price! You wont get a NFT.<

    in _mintAmount (uint256):
    Put in the amount of NFT’s you want to buy
  5. Now click on write and you have bought your NFT’s.
Go to BSC scan and get your NFT number from the transaction.

WARNING! Minting via the contract can me risky! Be sure you use the RIGHT AMOUNTS! It’s possible to pay more then 0.21 BNB for one NFT. You wont get an error! We advise to mint 1 per session. Just to be sure! So if you want two; Mint one, and then mint another one.
Connect wallet on BSC
Wallet connected
Put in the amount of NFT

How to add the NFT's to your wallet?

  • Go to your Wallet.
  • Go to the NFT tab (Right next to “TOKENS”)
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll see “Import NFTs”. Click that..
  • Now you have two fields.
  • Add the $DMNFT contract in the first field where it says “Address”
    That’s this: 0x49a17A7e4FFD9b796d1E2B8A8Fa5376526A44f5B
  • In the “ID” field, add the number you got when minting. This is the ID of you NFT. It’s like 215 or something. Just a number. No weird stuff.
  • Then click “Import” and BAM!!
  • You should now be able to view, send and rub your nipple while looking at your OWN BRAND NEW NFT!!

Now.. That wasn’t hard was it? But you know what ís hard?😏
Concrete. Don’t try to eat that.

Drunk Millionaire NFT
Drunk Millionaire NFT example